The Most Famous Places of Multiple Twin Births

The Most Famous Places of Multiple Twin Births

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The Most Famous Places of Multiple Twin Births


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Have you ever seen so many twin brothers and sisters in a one certain area alone? Wouldn’t that occurrence excite questions, amazement and curiosity? It does! It raises all those things. to mind for iIn the towns Candido Godoi in Brazil and Kodinhi in India, twin births have occurred so many times as comparedmore than anywhere else, and the surprising thing about it is that myth and suspicion surround this phenomenon.

The Mystery Surrounding Twin Births in Candido Godoi
Could it be that the twins in Candido Godoi are a product of Nazi experimentation? Or is a magical water source the reason for this phenomenon? In that this small town of German immigrants, 38 sets of twins have already been born out offrom 80 families, and it’s amazing that in some of them, twin births have already happened five times. Urban legend has it that a wanted Nazi doctor, who was responsible for 400,000 deaths during the 2nd world war, came to Brazil and experimented with women. His name was Josef Mengele, more notoriously known as the Angel of Death. He was fascinated with twins and wanted to please Hitler by increasing the Aryan race, . coincidentallyCoincidentally, almost all of the twins in Candido Godoi are blue eyed and blond —– characteristics he most wanted to create. Could Mengele have been successful in his mad experiments of creating the superior race? Could he have done something to the German women that increased their chances of bearing twin Aryan children?
Hidden Unknown to the knowledge of theGerman immigrants, Mengele was living with them, posing as a dentist, veterinarian and physician. He used the name Rudolf Weiss and was doing making medical service calls from house to house, but reports say he purposely collected samples from women and most probably continued his experiments.
In Auschwitz, he was a notorious killer being who was responsible for many deaths due tocaused by medical experimentations. He tried changing eye colors by introducing putting chemicals in the eyes as well as using shock treatment. When the war ended, he travelled traveled around to avoid being caught, and every time, he maintained different names, and kept his identity hidden. He died in 1979, not being able to paynever having paidfor his crimes.
Another speculation about the big unusual number of twins among the German settlers is that a potable water source contained unknown minerals that somehow affected women’s ovulation and contributed to producing twins. Most people who drank water from that source produced twins, but up until now the spring has not been thoroughly tested and studied. The twin phenomenon in Candido Godoi has now attractsed many journalists from all over the world now. They have dubbed the place the “Twins Capital of the World,” for no other place has matched their its percentage and rate of twin births.
Science cannot fully explain why twin birth rates in Candido Godoi are high but researchers have recently contested the suspicion that Josef Mengele had anything to with it. Dr. Ursula Matte, a geneticist in Porto Alegre, Brazil presents data that counters the myths about Mengele producing Aryan twins for the people.
Josef Mengele experimented on women
1. Mengele was obsessed with producing twins and made countless experiments among humans, mostly Jews. He already had studies and experience manipulating human genes.
2. His arrival in Candido Godoi marked an increase of in twin births. He associated with women especially pregnant ones and this was reported by the German villagers themselves.
3. Most twins possessed Aryan features (blue eyes, light colored skin, blond hair) which were Mengele’s obsession.
Dr. Ursula Matte’s explanation
1. Mengele could not have succeeded in his experimentations experiments, for the technology was not available during that time. Even if the Nazi doctor devoted his remaining time on to figuring out how, he just did not have the facilities, instruments and or machines needed.
2. Though there was an increase of in twin births upon his arrival, birth certificates of from Candido Godoi residents already showed there were twin births being experienced 30 yrs before he came to Brazil, and the rate was rising yearly. Though he Mengele associated with pregnant women, he just did not have the technology. People exaggerate on their stories in order to hype books and make them sell.
3. There are more twins born in Candido Godoi for because settlers practiced inbreeding. Marriage between family members who already have a history of producing twins doubles their chances of giving birth to twins once moreagain. It will was only be natural for the family members to manifest Aryan characteristics, for their circle was only limited among to themselves.
Dr. Matte is supposed expected to finish her research and reveal more scientific findings in the future.
Multiple Twin Births in Kodinhi, India
CoIincidentally, in Kodinhi, India, multiple sets of twin births have also been reported. 250 pairs of twins have been born to a population of 2,000 families and reports indicate its this rate is rising every year. Without any access to fertility pills, IVF and or any artificial insemination, Kodinhi’s twin births are speculated to have resulted from what they its people eat and drink. But a more common factor cause that can be identified withis similar to the village in Germany Brazil is that people in Kodinhi also practice intermarriage between family members. Medical Science has holds that genetic isolation is the more most likely cause of multiple twin births in this instance.
According to science, people who are twins themselves have greater chances of producing twins. This along with maternal age, fertility drugs and treatments and nutrition adds to the chances of having twins as offspring. Marriages between people who have twins in their ancestry have greater odds of producing twins as children, or grandchildren, or great grand children who are also twins.


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